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Good news, everyone!

February 20, 2010

Tonight was the first raid of our super-intensive 10-man ICC-week in hopes of seeing the Lich King, and we actually managed to get down 10/12 fairly easy. The biggest surprise was downing Professor Putricide on our second attempt despite none of us having done the fight before. I’d say that pretty good news for our 25-man where we’ll start working on him next week :)

For our 10-man we still have a few more scheduled nights to work on Sindragosa and, hopefully, Lich King. At the very least I hope we’ll get to experience the encounter, actually downing him might be a bit too optimistic ;)



February 16, 2010

Been slacking a bit on blogging lately, mostly because my main computer died and everything is a pain to do on my 5-year-old backup machine :/

Anyway, after a few wipe-nights on Valithria Dreamwalker we finally got it right and managed to down (or up, rather ;p) her on 25-man yesterday. Next week is a pretty hectic one, we’re going to be raiding every day in an attempt to reach Lich King on 10-man. We’ll see how that goes ;)


When pugs are better than guild runs

February 3, 2010

Transferring from a so-called “backwater server” to one of the most popular and fastest progressing servers out there is almost like playing a different game. Here there’s actually people in the Raid Browser, and it took me about 5 minutes to get invited for the weekly raid quest. Oh, and I got a new speed-record on the boss kill. Amazing.


Dead Prince Council

February 1, 2010

Tonight was the first 25-man with my new guild, and I guess I’ll have to call it a success :) We managed to down The Blood Princes on our second try, despite half the raid never having done the fight before. We even got The Orb Whisperer! Good job indeed :)

Blood Queen Lana’thel was definitely more of a challenge, but at least we got some good wipes on her ;) All in all a good night with decent progression.

That said, I wonder if I did the right thing applying to this guild. Don’t get me wrong, they’re a  great bunch, but the focus, discipline and coordination required to raid at this level is pretty hardcore. And that’s when it starts feeling more like work than fun. I guess there really is no way to have it all…