My name is Linda, I’m 31 years old (though I could have sworn I was 21 just yesterday) and I play World of Warcraft.

My WoW-life started on November 6th 2005, after receiving a copy  as a (very belated) birthday present. I didn’t know anything about the game, and I probably never would have bought it on my own since I’ve never really been a “gamer”. I didn’t plan on playing past the free trial month, so I randomly made a Night Elf druid because shapeshifting looked soooo cool in the trailer. That druid is still my main.

I have since leveled a mage, a hunter and a DK to 80, even though I promised myself I would never have an alt. And certainly not more than one! But here we are, and I really enjoy all my characters. I still consider myself a relatively casual player, for me having fun is the most important thing in the game and you’ll never see me in a hardcore guild. It’s all about the funcore!

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